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Product Eligibility

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SKU Desc Eligible
SKU FC-10-05001-100-02-12 Description FortiGuard AV and Botnet IP/Domain Services Eligible 0.00%
SKU FC-10-05001-108-02-12 Description FortiGuard IPS Service Eligible 0.00%
SKU FC-10-05001-112-02-12 Description FortiGuard Web & Video Filtering Service Eligible 0.00%
SKU FC-10-05001-247-02-12 Description 24x7 FortiCare Contract Eligible 85.00%
SKU FC-10-05001-928-02-12 Description Advanced Threat Protection (IPS, Advanced Malware Protection Service, Application Control, and 24x7 FortiCare) Eligible 37.78%
SKU FC-10-05001-950-02-12 Description Unified Threat Protection (UTP) (IPS, Advanced Malware Protection, Application Control, Web & Video Filtering, Antispam Service, and 24x7 FortiCare) Eligible 26.15%