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Product Eligibility

FortiAnalyzer (FAZ) Not E-Rate eligible.
Co-Term Not E-Rate eligible. Please use standard skus with service period July 1 - June 30
Antennas, Connectors, Cabling, Racks, UPS 100% eligible
Transceivers Vary in eligibility and carry the same percentage eligibility as the product with which being used. For example, if the product is 100% so is the transceiver. If the product is 65%, so is the transceiver.

Please refer to USAC's Eligible Service List for additional information here.

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SKU Desc Eligible
SKU MC3200 Description Wireless Controller FOR U.S. Platform can be upgraded to support up to 200 APs. Additional Licenses sold separately. Includes System Director software (release 5.0 or higher) with Air Traffic Control. Supports N+1 Wireless Controller Redundancy. Eligible 100%


Description (E1-MC3200)8x5 FortiCare Contract. MC3200 controller. Eligible 85%